DIY celebrates its 100th issue with Signature Brew

In the face of the current climate, the fact that we were able to celebrate the publication of DIY’s 100th magazine issue in September 2020 meant so much more. Against a background of negativity on the  economy, employment, live music, artist revenue loss, and music magazine media, we wanted to demonstrate our support for the live industry, labels, artists and fans, and the brands that support it, celebrating achievements in the past and more importantly in the future.

We found the perfect partner in North London based brewery Signature Brew, who were looking to raise their brand profile and promote their location as a music venue. Signature Brew also had a unique offering of being able to curate bespoke beers for bands such as Idles and Sports Team, and as a brand have a passion for live music.

Together we put on the first ever five day Covid compliant outdoor event at their brewery in North London, arranging an exhibition, DJ and live band performances. Tickets for all events sold out in under an hour, forecasting the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone who attended the week. Watch the video here and experience both the atmosphere and the reaction.