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DIY Music is the publisher of multi channel DIY Magazine

DIY music magazine is the gateway to advertise to 1m+ music fans. Founded in 2002, and launching our first print edition in 2011, DIY‘s editorial team has spent the best part of this century digging deep into the best new music the UK and beyond has to offer. With everyone from breaking artists to bona fide legends gracing the cover over the years, we’ve flown around the world with The 1975, given Wolf Alice such an iconic gold glitter shoot they started selling it as merch, travelled to Nashville for an exclusive with Paramore and Jack White, and even sat down with a Beatle!

DIY Class of 2024 bumper edition

Advertising in DIY Magazine can be beneficial for several reasons, depending on your specific goals and target audience. Here are some potential reasons why you might consider advertising in a DIY Magazine:

  1. Audience Alignment: DIY Magazine often focuses on independent and emerging artists, making it an ideal platform if your product or service caters to a younger, more indie-oriented demographic.
  2. Niche Exposure: DIY Magazine is known for its coverage of independent and DIY (Do It Yourself) music culture. Advertising with DIY can provide niche exposure to a dedicated tastemaker audience.
  3. Support for Emerging Talent: If your brand values and supports independent and emerging talent, advertising in a magazine that champions these artists can enhance your brand image and aligns your business with the values of the DIY community.
  4. Print and Online Presence: DIY Magazine has both print and online editions, and a 750+k social media following allowing for multi channel campaigns.
  5. Visibility in Music Industry Circles: DIY Magazine attracts followers who are not only fans but also individuals involved in the music industry, including musicians, promoters, and other professionals.
  6. Brand Image: Associating your brand with a reputable and niche publication like DIY Magazine can positively impact your brand image. It positions your business as being in tune with the latest trends and the independent music scene.
  7. Promotion of Events or Products: If you’re organizing events, releasing new products, or launching campaigns related to independent music and the DIY culture, advertising in DIY Magazine is an effective way to promote and generate interest amongst our live event following.


We have adapted our advertising rate card to be flexible to offer both digital and print packages and you can view all the options here.

DIY music is also expanding by the day, partnering with festivals and brands across the world to put on live events, nurturing the next generation of music industry hopefuls with our DIY Education programme and continuing to expand our online and social media presence (1 million followers and counting!).

We publish a bespoke festival edition of DIY every year to support UK and International festival clients’ marketing through advertising or as part of a wider content and marketing partnership package.

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DIY music magazine and website banner adspots are often the core channels for record labels launching young artists and a staple lead advertising medium for the larger cover artists wider campaigns, often supporting independent editorial comment. They are an integral part of any partnership which often takes the shape of advertorial or sponsored content rather than advertising creative.

DIY magazine is increasingly joining the schedules of brand campaigns looking to target GenZs and Millennials within the relevant context of music discovery.

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The combined reach of DIY across all its platform channels of Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok now exceeds 1m+, which we use across our larger partnerships.

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