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Yard Act headline DIY Class of 2022 supported by House of Vans, Marshall, Super Bock, BIMM

DIY is passionate about music – past, present and future. We put artists across the spectrum at the core of everything we do, making space for talent of all sizes and statuses. We have built a 1m+ tastemaker community who share our passion for music discovery.

We don’t just support young artists through our fiercely independent editorial pages, but across online, social media and onto the live stage at our own events like DIY Alive festival, and through our presence at client festivals and showcases in the UK, and increasingly overseas.

This is rapidly evolving into our own style of wider education for industry hopefuls integrated into our live events or bespoke events with brands like Roland/BOSS.

Please download an introduction to the range of opportunities we can deliver for brands looking to support the artist journey, and engage and build brand equity through unique and exciting content with our 1m+ following.

DIY Alive festival

Live music is the lifeblood of the artist’s career path, emotionally and financially, and as such is also an integral part of the service that DIY provides its clients, artists and their fans. We help young artists get their first steps on the live stage through our own bespoke events – Hello and “DIY Class of” annually, and then music discovery grass roots activations for supportive brands like Jägermeister Musik and Jack Daniels and Son Estrella Galicia. We co-curate stages and media partner key showcase festivals like SXSW, Reeperbahn and The Great Escape and have had DIY stages at festivals like Live at Leeds.

Dream Wife perform at DIY stage at Live at Leeds: In the Park

We’ve done album launch parties and even taken a tour bus around Europe with Dr.Martens. Most recently we have teamed up with promoters in NYC to help artists launch into the US and supported in stores for Fred Perry.

As we grow we have begun to scale up our regional events UK wide with the new DIY Now&Next Tour in partnership with leading promoter Kilimanjaro.

DIY Now&Next Tour was a UK wide sell out

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Case Studies

ESNS delivers on its promise at 2024 showcase conference.
Leaping into action with Christmas barely in the rear view mirror, if you’re looking to sniff out new artists before they go fully above ground,  ESNS is the first stop on the trail: a four-day fiesta of buzz bands, stomping a path through the quaint streets …
BIMM Music Institute, Focusrite, Marshall and Superbock sponsor DIY Class of 2024
We are delighted to confirm our returning DIY Class of 2024 sponsors of this important new music annual campaign, which has become a key date in the music calendar. Some of whom have been giving DIY their support through sponsorship for over five years with …
DIY overcomes the January blues with the Hello 2024 gigs supported by independent music house state51
2024 is lining up to be a stellar year for DIY Magazine's music live event programme, with the DIY Now&Next tour 2024 edition, headlined by Hot Wax and Big Special around the UK, already on sale. ANTONY SZMIEREK, SHELF LIVES, HOME COUNTIES & MORE TO …
DIY kicks of 2024 promoter partnerships with Kili DIY Now&Next tour
Following on from the success of the sell out 2023 DIY Now&Next tour headlined by Lynks and supported by Vlure, we are delighted to follow up with a 2024 edition, headlined by Hot Wax and Big Special around the UK. HOTWAX AND BIG SPECIAL ARE …
DIY celebrates 20 years of ESNS Exchange supporting new artists
Idles Dua Lipa Ellie Goulding ESNS Exchange, the European Talent Exchange Programme formerly known as ETEP, traces its roots back to 2003 when it was established in response to the significant challenges faced by European pop music in the realms of international promotion and distribution. …
Sŵn – It’s time to put the Cardiff festival on the map
In answer to the question of why is Sŵn Festival not better known, the response was “we Welsh are modest and don’t like to shout about ourselves”. Sŵn festival lights up Cardiff castle Photo:Jamie Chapman Jointly founded by Huw Stephens, a BBC Radio 1 DJ, …
Prima Queen and Shanghai Baby showcase at the latest Estrella Galicia brand building show.
Prima Queen headline the September Estrella Galicia show. In partnership with DIY magazine, for those in the know, these events are fast becoming some of the most anticipated gigs in London. Bridging the gap between this capital and Madrid, the current series of gigs hosted …
Reeperbahn Festival  2023 – intimacy at scale
2023 was the eighth year of DIY’s partnership with the globally renowned, German, Reeperbahn festival. Despite the number of delegate attendees, speakers and performing artists from around the world, centred around the infamous, and ever packed, Reeperbahn strip in Hamburg, there was a special atmosphere …