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Discover the Power of DIY Music Festival Partnerships

At DIY Music, we’ve cultivated impactful media, marketing, and creative alliances with over 20 festivals annually across the UK, US, and Europe. Our esteemed roster includes renowned events such as The Great Escape, Rock in Rio Lisboa, SXSW, Mad Cool, Open’er, and many more.

Here’s how we can elevate your festival experience:

  1. DIY 2024 Festival Pack: Dive into the heart of our festival offering by downloading our DIY 2024 UK Festival pack, and International version . Uncover how we can enhance your event through strategic partnerships, extensive marketing, and innovative collaborations.

Dream Wife play the DIY stage at Live at Leeds: In the Park 2022

2. Artist Development Program: Committed to nurturing emerging talent, we co-curate dynamic stages for rising artists alongside educational initiatives. Witness the best new bands at early career stages showcased at events like The Great Escape

Sports team played the DIY stage at the Great Escape

3. Annual Festival Guide: DIY annually publishes a comprehensive festival guide each Spring, catering to peak ticket-buying enthusiasm among fans. For advertising options download our Festival guide pack. Digital versions, like the one from 2023, are also published on the website’s festival hub:

4. Marketing and Advertising Partnerships: Partner with DIY for successful marketing campaigns and full-content collaborations at notable events such as ESNS, SXSW, and more.

Events, across the world, include Colours of Ostrava, Dour, End Of The Road, ESNS, Field Day, Flow, Green Man, Latitude, Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City, London Calling, Lowlands, Mad Cool, New Colossus, Nos Alive, Open’er, Pohoda, Reeperbahn Festival, Rock Werchter, Roskilde, Secret Garden Party, Super Bock Super Rock, SXSW, Sziget, Standon Calling, Sxsw, SWN The Great Escape, Tomavistas, Truck, Visions, Ypsigrock and more. 

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5. Speaker Engagements: DIY actively contributes to industry events by providing speakers and panelists at notable gatherings like ESNS, SXSW, Reeperbahn, Milan Linecheck, Nouvelle Prague and The Great Escape.

2024 Festival pack

Maximize Your Festival Experience with DIY Music:

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your event download our DIY 2024 international or UK festival pack.

Unlock the potential of your festival with our DIY 2024 International or UK Festival Pack. Let us be your partner in creating unforgettable moments and amplifying your brand’s presence on the global stage.

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