We work closely with industry partners (management/labels/promoters/ funding bodies/technology platforms) to build an international media and marketing infrastructure to help support emerging artists careers within a credible and trusted brand media ‘house’, collaborating with partners around the world.

The first entry point in any market is the showcase events during which industry and artists come together to build new relationships. DIY has existing connections with ESNS and Reeperbahn in Europe, The Great Escape in UK, SXSW and New Colossus in the USA and exhibits at events like MIDEM. Our most recent visit has been to Sounds of the Xity, Beijing, and discussions are in progress In TOKYO, SEOUL and TAIPEI.

Once in the market, DIY become partners with key fan-focused festivals; partnering with over 20 international festivals. Ultimately, we want partners to enjoy our growth ambitions for artists, and in turn their own businesses, sharing in the success that we will achieve by providing international career support for the next generations of artists.

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