DIY trials the DIY “drop in” at Multiply ahead at the Long Division festival partnership

Wakefield College hosted Multiply as part of Long Division Festival

Orchestrated by Hanglands PR, DIY teamed up with Long Division and Tileyard education for music education event Multiply. It was open to all, literally, to drop in and meet the DIY team. It focussed on encouraging the new generation of D-I-Y artists as well as those still in education, facing their first big decisions on where and how to follow a career as artists or industry hopefuls.

Questions came from all directions, whether how best to use the school holidays after GCSE exams to more focussed how to get my music into the media, and a lot more besides.

Most gratifying was the involvement of Long Division’s local charity youth project –Young Team – that provided organisers and brought young beneficiaries to ask advice. Stand out questions came from two 12/13 year old music journalist aspirants, who got stuck into an interview with singer songwriter Teah Lewis who was performing at the Young Team stage at the festival and also was contrubuting to the Prince’s Trust Enterprise scheme.

The event was marketed across all DIY’ multiple channels and continues our commitment to music education, whether stand alone or integrated into others. The DIY “drop in” is a formula we would welcome to explore with other sponsors and hosts.

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