Reeperbahn Festival  2023 – intimacy at scale

2023 was the eighth year of DIY’s partnership with the globally renowned, German, Reeperbahn festival. Despite the number of delegate attendees, speakers and performing artists from around the world, centred around the infamous, and ever packed, Reeperbahn strip in Hamburg, there was a special atmosphere this year.

One of intimacy –  from focused panel discussions on AI’s impact and its potential (just one of many key industry issues being debated), packed small venues ideal for the plethora of DIY supported emerging artists playing to full houses, right up to the finale of  the prestigious Anchor Awards ceremony itself. 

Whether an intended post Covid new model or an adaptation in the face of economic headwinds (although ticket sales were well on target),  gone were the dominance of the Friday Warner Music night scale artists and you could get into every panel or showcase (sometimes at a squeeze), and the there was none of the “in your face” overt brand selling now a staple of some of the bigger showcase conference/showcases.   Whatever agenda you arrived with, you felt by the end you had had it fulfilled.

There was also the impression of much more accessibility for the local population to discover the great new music on show. As the festival re-adjusted the get in process for delegates and ticket holders, which unfolded in 2022 (it’s one by one now, no unlimited fast lane entrance for delegates like before) – the crowd felt understood and seen – this is a major part of Reeperbahn Festivals success.

The finale of the Anchor Awards summed up the atmosphere perfectly.. So professionally produced, but yet very intimate performances and insights. The decision to announce  Ichiko Aoba’s as the winner reflected on the night perfectly. Congrats to backers, organisers and comperes as well who had their moment on the busy red carpet.

The DIY team, always on the look out for the hottest new talent with festival partnerships, have put together their top tips from Reeperbahn festival over on DIY Magazine.

See you next year.

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