DIY Festival partnerships hits a record high in 2023

And DIY Festival Guide sells out in record time, expanding to 72 pages

2023 saw an encouraging uplift in DIY’s festival client base, both amongst advertisers looking to increase ticket sales to our 1m+ following as well as full content and marketing partnerships.

In total we are supporting the marketing efforts of over 25 festivals across 16 countries including Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Lithuania, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic and across the UK.

With the range of promotional options available to suit any budget, from simple enhanced listings in the digital DIY Festival Calendar, geo targeted online ads, promotion in the digital and print DIY Festival guide or full content rich partnerships with on the ground reporting, (benefiting from long term SEO hosted on DIY’s website), our clients range from regional boutique to full five day festivals with arena headliners.

The value of DIY co-curated stages at festivals is also getting recognition as additional content and marketing opportunities, with festival brand sponsors also looking for support on the ground to create content around the experience they are bringing to the event, and looking to capture and amplify this through DIY’s multiple channels to our 1m+ audience.

Super Bock, the best-selling Portuguese beer in the world, has already reached more than 50 countries, mainly through its premium lager Super Bock brand. It has a long history of supporting emerging artists and promoting live music events, the best known being Super Bock Super Rock music festival in Lisbon which has taken place annually since 1995.

Over the last two years, its European product expansion has been supported by the roll out of the same music strategy across the UK, France, Switzerland and deeper into Portugal. Best known are Dot to Dot in the UK and Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

In addition Super Bock has supported DIY’s own DIY Class of year end event in both 2022 and 2023, showing its passion and commitment to UK emerging artists.

DIY is therefore delighted to further partner with the brand to support the launch of a new bespoke festival website and promote their involvement in these festival events.

Whatever your involvement with festivals or any other live event we can tailor a package to your needs.

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