Sorry, Goat Girl, Connie Constance and more set Hackney ablaze at Marshall x DIY’s sold out Big Bank Holiday Weekender

After a tumultuous time that saw the live music industry jolted to a standstill, as passionate supporters of artists and venues , DIY grabbed the first opportunity on late May Bank Holiday to give 13 established and emerging artists the chance to play live again (under Covid restrictions) over two days at the Big Bank Holiday Weekender, with sponsored by Marshall Amps. The whole event was organised in just 8 weeks after the roadmap to June 21st was announced.

Marshall were able to benefit from the show, particularly through the branding of the event – a complete sell out- turning out to be an extremely enjoyable, memorable and at times emotional occasion. Branding was placed in a natural but impactful way, both on stage with the backline and on the poster for the event. The thrill of being in a live music atmosphere again created ample opportunities for attendees to share photos online of both the performances and themselves enjoying the atmosphere.

13 artists played their first live gig for 18 months

Marshall also featured in all content created surrounding the event which was amplified heavily across all DIY channels. DIY created content that displayed the brand and its product in a natural but impactful way associating Marshall with supporting emerging artists.

Marshall provided Amps and Natal drums

To add value and longevity to the shows, each artist had the ability to have their performance filmed as the first live marketing material since the pandemic started, providing an extra opportunity for branding for Marshall that will live on their and DIY socials and websites long term.

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