SXSW online opens up British Music Embassy performances to non ticket holders

Pheobe Green played the British Music Embassy @SXSW online 2021

DIY, as official media partner to the British Music Embassy @SXSW online, is delighted to announce that 28 of the tracks performed by top UK emerging artists during the festival are being released over the next three weeks.

The first 12 are now available to view and DIY Magazine has picked some of the highlights for you 

Things were different for SXSW this year but the dominance of the British Music Embassy was a singular constant, capping its 13th year at the festival with one of the strongest showcases yet.

 Austin Chronicle said, “The showcase scratched an itch for cutting edge UK heaviness, but proved too effective because it rubbed the wound of us not being able to feel it in person.”

Jon Pareles of The New York Times said, “Squid’s performance was an inventory of cantankerousness” and lauded, “Anna B Savage dealt in ruthless, self-lacerating confessionals, delivered in a tremulous, vehement contralto that brought drama to each phrase. Revealing her pain, she exorcised it.” 

Andrea Domanick of KCRW agreed, “To finally watch [Black Country, New Road] conjure their sound live for SXSW was nothing short of a thrill.”

SXSW Online 2021 was the first-ever fully digital edition of the annual music, film, and technology conference and festival. More than 30,000 registrants from around the world experienced five days and nights of sessions, film festival premieres, and music showcases, which featured more than 200 international artists, including 70 of the United Kingdom’s best new emerging talents.

“One” – Anna B Savage
“All Along the Uxbridge Road” – Chubby and the Gang
“Cut Your Hair” – Walt Disco
“Take Back The Radio” – Katy J Pearson
“I’m Holding Out For Something” – Virginia Wing
“Opus” – Black Country, New Road
“TNT” – Nayana IZ
“Fixer Upper” – Yard Act
“Raw Thoughts” – Baby Queen
“Monty Python” – Conne Constance
“Underpass” – The Goa Express
“150” – Porij
“Danger” – Onipa
“Give A Little” – Ego Ella May
“Kid Stuff” – Sinead O’Brien
“LeBron James” – Do Nothing
“Paddling” – Squid
“Reinvent” – Phoebe Green
“Talks” – PVA
“Does She Even Know” – IDER
“Farabale” – Afronaut Zu
“Jenny” – 404 Guild
“Get Creative” feat. Nova – lau.ra
“The Birth of a Nation” – Enola Gay
“Blueprints” – Lilla Vargen
“The Feeling Back” – Beauty Sleep
“Gnarbone” – Penelope Isles

This year’s showcases were brought to you by British Music Embassy partners AIM, BBC, BPI, the Department for International Trade, PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation, with further support from ATC, Belfast City Council, and yours truly – us lot at DIY.

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