Can Brand Music Partnerships deliver ROI?

We at DIY believe we can and do.

We’ve just released our new brand deck with examples of who we’ve worked with spanning fashion, beverage, tech, and music education and equipment among others.

Super Bock, the premium Portuguese lager, uses DIY music brand partnerships as a key part of their UK launch strategy

Putting the undoubted excitement and buzz of working with artists aside for the moment, what do with delver:

  • We have 13 years experience of working with products and brands looking to connect with our 18 -34 fan and artist audience
  • We have strong working relationships with artists given our status as a career breaker because we are the leading voice in new music media
  • We know the pitfalls of working with all the artists investees (agents, lawyers, PRs etc) and know the real costs
  • We manage the campaign from the initial brief to the final analytics report with complete transparency
  • We can create bespoke activations or integrate your message into our editorial, music content, or live activations
  • We’ve worked with high profile fashion, beverage, tech and equipment brands evolving from initial small project up to international campaigns

We hope you will consider bringing the power and emotion of music into your comms programmes and we’d welcome the opportunity to show you more.

We teamed up with @BOSSinfoglobal for In The Loop, an event exploring the art of looping

More of our experience can be enjoyed on our brand partnership pages.

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