DIY Hello 2023 partnership with FairSound gives vinyl opportunity to artists

DIY’s annual Hello gigs run for four days in January every year

Hopefully by now, you’ll be aware of DIY’s annual Hello… series at London’s Old Blue Last: four gigs dotted throughout January, that aim to navigate industry and music fans through the maelstrom of new artists and point you in the direction of the best and buzziest of the bunch.

This year, however, we’ve gone one further and partnered with vinyl distributers Fairsound – the new platform from Press On Vinyl designed to help vinyl production become more affordable for artists – to bring you a one-off limited pressing of our first ever Hello 2023 record! 

DIY Hello limited edition vinyl in partnership with FairSound

Featuring 12 of the artists playing across the shows, it’s a super exclusive chance for DIY and the brand to support the artists and, fans to get their hands on a selection of new or previously unreleased tracks – all packaged up in one beautiful bundle.

So, who’s on it then? WELL, we’ve got new demos from Gretel Hänlyn and VLURE, a special live track from Divorce, and the first chance to grab choice bangers from Panic Shack, Ciel, Humour and more as a physical release. Completing the line-up, meanwhile, are tip-top cuts from Human Interest, PinkPirate and uh, plus Cathy Jain, Amy Michelle and our Night Four headliner, Saint Jude.

Priced at just £10 and all proceeds go back to the artists.

This is another example of how brands can get involved with DIY in supporting young emerging artists within a guaranteed audience pulling package.

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