DIY partnered Andalucia Music Forum – the new “Riviera” stylish gathering for music industry professionals.

On September 5, the opening of the first edition of Andalucía Music Forum took place in the beautiful Spanish city of Malaga. An event that was born with the intention of becoming a benchmark cultural and networking event within the national and international music industry.

The event was launched in style with a Welcome Reception Party in the Historical Botanical Garden – La Concepción. With Mexico as lead country it was attended by Quirino Ordaz Coppel, ambassador of Mexico in Spain, and a welcome introduction by César Andión, director of Andalucía Music Forum, addressing attendees from across the world -Spain, the United Kingdom, to Denmark and Canada, passing through the United States and Latin America. 

The party’s finishing touch came from the showcases of Maryna Krut , a Ukrainian artist, and María Yfeu , a young Sevillian singer who is breaking into the Spanish music scene with force.

The first keynote interview of the Forum was with Raye Cosbert of Metropolis music, who throughout his professional career has been able to work closely with artists of the stature of Bjork, Tyler The Creator, Charlie XCX or Gorillaz, among others. Then it was the turn of AIE, the non-profit association whose ultimate goal is to defend and guarantee the rights of artists, performers and performers that comprise the music industry worldwide.

A busy schedule included a discussion on the role of women in the music industry , which was attended by some prominent figures in the industry such as Alexandra Ampofo (Metrópolis Music , Women Connect, Embrace Nation), Jess Kinn (One Fiinix Live), Diana Dadonova (Ukraine Music Export), Inma Grass (Founder Altafonte) or Cindy Castillo (Mad Cool Festival), the combined experience and achievements of which is truly remarkable.

Talking of women in the music industry, Chen Castano Calvo, director of Planet Events Spain was interviewed by Beatriz de la Guardia Casanova on her 30 years of experience of working with talent.

Unlike other professional forums AMF has a strong focus on the development of young artists, 18 of which had to present the results of their work to the professional audience, as part of the Go2Work mentoring programme. The next day, experts from different areas of the music sector were able to meet personally with the young artists of the mentorship programme during a ten-minute Speedmeetings session , organized by the Paideia Foundation and EOI .

The mentors in this first meeting were Fernando Prados (AIE), Reyes Saénz de Juano ( Ticketmaster ), Rupert Vereker (DIY), Tali Tarrero ( Alhambra Monkey Week), Arturo García ( Mondo Sonoro ) , Fernando Briceño ( Conexión Grupo / La Oreja ), Miguel Martorell (Altafonte ) or Carlos Moreno ( Rock n Rolla Producciones).

Panels also included Music Management , where the various international challenges facing the sector and the career ofthe music manager were addressed. The meeting was spearheaded by the International Music Management Forum, with the direct participation of Neeta Ragoowansi, from MMF USA, Amie Therrien, from MMF Canada, Ana Rodríguez, from MMF Mexico, Patricia Hermida, from AGEM, and was also moderated by Jake Beamont-Nesbitt (IMMF)

To celebrate the end of the working day the delegates gathered on the sensational roof top  terrace of the AC Hotel Málaga Palacio, for a Mediterranean Dinner Party, rocking to the live shows by DJ Álex Subinas and Tito Ramírez.

The third day of programming included a Legal and Business Advice workshop for the internationalization of musical projects , which was carried out by the renowned and specialized Symphathy For The Lawyer. This advice was given, mainly, by Manuel López (CEO), Laura García Álvarez del Castillo (Mexico Partner), Beatriz Blanco (Project Director) and Jorge Rodríguez (Corporate Development Manager).

AMF also dedicated a session to new technologies with the NFT- Blockchain for Music Industry Dummies workshop delivered by Arnold Travieso, from Crypto Music Records, who did a brilliant job of demystifying the jargon and enabled us to experience the creation of a live NFT by artiste Sol Siete .

In the same way, we had the privilege of chatting about the Past, Present and Future of the Andalusian music industry , where artists, promoters and journalists analysed the musical growth of the Andalucia region, which is enjoying increasing relevance at an international level. The session was moderated by Txema Martín , from Diario Sur, accompanied by different representatives and figures from the industry such as María Yfeu , an artist from Seville, Eduardo Fernández Palomares , Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Francis Cubero , from Esparrago Rock or Nuria Rico , from Live Nation, Tali Carreto (Alhambra Monkey Week), Dani Rodríguez (Grupo Mundo) and Arturo Garcia (Mondo Sonoro).

After the aperitif and tasting of Navarran wines at Los Patios de Beatas organized by the Navarra Music Commission , whose mission is to advise, train and promote the music of the region, we continued the afternoon with another keynote interview talk starring Rob Challice who, together with Cindy Castillo, reviewed with us his musical career of more than 40 years as a promoter, agent and organizer of festivals, and passionate cyclist!

With a focus on emerging music economies, we also had the experience of Georges Perot (Athens Music Week ), Heloisa Aidar (Altafonte), Fran Sandoval (Chile Music), Jordi Anglés (Ticketmaster ), Inma Grass (Altafonte), Mike Galt (Eventim / SVP Touring), Alvaro Covoes (Everything is New) and Brij Gosai (Pollstar) who discussed and analyzed fast-growing markets, such as LATAM, Europe or APAC.

And the formal part of this first edition of Andalucía Music Forum was closed with a session from guest country, Mexico. With them we were able to take a look at the fascinating Mexican music industry , a territory full of opportunities for artists from all corners of the world.

Carlos Mc Phail (Parque Bicentenario de la Ciudad de México), Camilo Lara (IMS), Ana Rodríguez (MMF ), Sergio Arbeláez (FIMPRO), Fabrizio Onetto ( Seitrack) , Laura García Álvarez del Castillo (Sympathy for the Lawyer), Josué Orduña ( Altafonte ) and Robert Grima (President of Live Nation Spain, Madrid), analyzed the characteristics of the music industry in Mexico and the connection with Spain and the rest of the world, the panel was moderated by Malfi Dorantes.

Finally, if you are on the Riviera you must go to the beach and the finishing touch of this third and last day came from the hand of the Med-xican Sunset Dinner Beach Party , where delegates and speakers were able to enjoy a happy and relaxed atmosphere on the beach front at Torremolinos, as well as enjoy the live shows starring Centavrvs , Mexican Institute of Sound and DJ Moskito.

All attendees were unanimous in their praise for Cesar and his team for creating a very special event with a real difference, and its own unique style amongst industry gatherings.

The AMF is the latest in DIY’s festival and showcase partnerships.