DIY Magazine , BOSS loop stations and Roland Europe team up for masterclass event partnership

DIY and BOSS teamed up for one-off event In The Loop , exploring the art of looping!

It took place at Studio9294 in Hackney Wick and the day will featured an interactive afternoon demo session (3.30pm – 5.30pm) led by BOSS professionals and an evening performance (7pm – close), featuring looping maestros Dr. Mix, Chris Woods and cellist Jo Quail.

It was an opportunity to learn about looping and explore a range of BOSS’ latest loop stations, the artists will talk attendees through how they use looping to open up a whole world of creativity, layering up vocals, guitars, synths, percussion and more to create new and innovative sounds.

Post event the campaign used content curated on the day to build awareness of the Brand, products and the art of looping and driving traffic to the brand specialist to learn more.

The multi media campaign was promoted online, through You Tube and across DIY’s social media channels, co-promoted by artists and the brand themselves.

DIY x In the Loop event

This another example of an intimate DIY music education event providing the launch pad and content for a wide product driven campaign..

To encourage the involvement of artists in the campaign, a summary edit was filmed from each performance.


“It was a fantastic event!” Jo told us, of being involved in the event. “I felt very privileged to be invited to perform and talk about looping, and to be one of three such diverse artists too – I learned a lot! It was a pleasure to be able to chat with people in the afternoon about looping, and of course then do a class and performance, teaching looping is something I love to do, and doing it for BOSS themselves and DIY felt very very special indeed.”

Jo Quail live at In the Loop


“It was an amazing experience!” Doctor Mix told us, of being involved in the event. “I have been a fan of looping for quite some time and being at the event with all those amazing loopers was like paradise to me. I really enjoyed the performances on stage: it’s really eye-opening to see how artists can have completely different approaches to looping.

Dr Mix live at in the Loop

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