DIY team up with BIMM, international music school, for journalism partnership.

As part of this brand-new partnership, BIMM students at colleges across 3 countries, 8 cities will have the opportunity to interview artists and industry professionals in collaboration with DIY Magazine. They will also have a guidance and mentorship session before the interview with DIY’s journalism and editorial team. The work will be published  via BIMM’s blog, and one lucky participant will see their piece published by DIY themselves. 

Anthony Giles BIMM Connect Community & Alumni Services said:

“We’re so excited to announce our new partnership with the DIY Magazine team to celebrate our Music Made Us campaign. Part of our commitment as an institute is to provide students with incredible, real-world industry experiences, and we do this by working with the best in the business. DIY Magazine is no exception to this”. 

Students will carry out the project through the prism of BIMM’s #MusicMadeUs campaign. Music Made Us explores, discusses, and celebrates what music means to people, how it’s impacted our world – and how it’s made us who we are today. 

The aim will be to produce an editorial feature with the interviewee that reflects the Music Made Us ethos. Our students will try to get to the heart of how and why music was such a defining force within their subject’s life and what it’s been like to forge a career tied to something they feel so passionate about.

Sarah Jamieson, DIY Mag’s Managing Editor, had this to add:

“Here at DIY, we’re excited to be able to partner with BIMM for a project like this. Over the past few years, we’ve enjoyed welcoming students to gain essential experience at our live events, so we’re thrilled to be able to continue offering that now, even in the midst of such a challenging time for students especially. 

We hope that through this opportunity, we can help provide some tangible, and ultimately, inspiring real-life experience that will give students a glimpse into what it’s like to work at a music publication today. As a team, we’re real advocates for gaining as much experience in this industry as possible, and we hope that this project will help to give students the springboard they deserve.”

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