ETEP brings in DIY to showcase 2021 ESNS most popular bands

European Talent Exchange Programme

Since its induction in 2003, ETEP – aka the European Talent Exchange Programme – has worked alongside Dutch tastemaker festival ESNS to help new artists break through on the European festival circuit.

Putting some of the continent’s most exciting new talent in front of thousands of eyes, ETEP has helped over 1,500 artists across 37 countries book festival shows over the years. And just because 2021’s event was a little different because of you-know-what, doesn’t mean their aims were any less high.

Recording remote sets from their hometowns, this year’s ESNS featured performances from over 100 emerging singers and bands, with ETEP tracking the most promising artists in the eyes of festival bookers.

DIY has been brought in to amplify the ETEP programme and put them and the chosen artists in front of its 1m+ global audience in the run up to ESNS 2022.

For full story go to DIY website to check out the bands.

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