DIY Magazine launches “DIY In Deep” , a new monthly online cover feature

DIY has always been known for its in depth editorial bringing artist insights, often exclusive, to fans, building stronger relationships that in turn cement the importance of the 1m+ DIY community and brand in their lives.

In the frenetic, often daily, news driven “release” cycle of music publishing, the importance of building fan relationships outside of the releases and live shows is often overlooked and not well catered for by the media.

To fill this gap and need, DIY is launching a digital only series of in depth interviews with artists which will be published on the DIY website, in its own channel series hub, in between the DIY physical magazine monthly publishing cycle.

This will give the artist the opportunity to talk about a wide range of subjects and causes dear to themselves, giving a more personal insight to share with existing a new fans alike, building closer relationships that DIY followers will be able to identify with and share.

The first edition, available to read online now, features the enigmatic star Poppy, as she gets set to release her fourth album ‘Flux’ this week.  We discuss her continued evolution as an artist, the ever-present issues with the music industry, and how – with her new album ‘Flux’ – she’s turning trauma into triumph. For the cover feature, Poppy was photographed by the incredible visual artist Jesse Draxler, who previously worked on DIY’s February cover with Rico Nasty. 

DIY In Deep will be published once a month on only, alongside exclusive photography. Each edition will run in the weeks following the release of our monthly print issue, with the two formats working in harmony together. 

To reflect the digital nature of DIY In Deep, each month’s cover will be created with a moving visual, while the features themselves will focus on artists with significant online fanbases, enabling us to tailor our content more specifically to our audience’s wants and needs. 

Head to now to read our first DIY In Deep feature. 

If you’d like to sponsor the new series as a music brand partnership or get involved in any way please get in touch with