Prima Queen and Shanghai Baby showcase at the latest Estrella Galicia brand building show.

Prima Queen headline the September Estrella Galicia show.

In partnership with DIY magazine, for those in the know, these events are fast becoming some of the most anticipated gigs in London.

Bridging the gap between this capital and Madrid, the current series of gigs hosted by SON Estrella Galicia bring together music and beer – natural bedfellows if there ever were two – for memorable nights which showcase exciting new artists from both sides of the Channel.

Once again a packed audience were treated to a lot more than just a gig with and induction into its constituents and beer tasting, over at record shop / bar hybrid The BBE Store, local food reflecting the taste of Galicia and of course the best of new music.

A celebration of emerging artists and a combination of cultures, the SON Estrella Galicia showcases continue to prove that good music really is an international affair.

Read the review over on DIY magazine. Enjoy the summary video.

This is another example of long term DIY music brand partnerships supporting emerging artists.

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