DIY builds relationship further with Super Bock European festival strategy

DIY pan European festival partnership with Super Bock

Super Bock, the best-selling Portuguese beer in the world, has already reached more than 50 countries, mainly through its premium lager Super Bock brand. It has a long history of supporting emerging artists and promoting live music events, the best known being Super Bock Super Rock music festival in Lisbon which has taken place annually since 1995.

Super Bock has supported DIY’s own DIY Class of year end event in both 2022 and 2023, showing its passion and commitment to UK emerging artists.

Over the last two years, its European product expansion has been supported by the roll out of the same music strategy across the UK, France, Switzerland and deeper into Portugal. Best known are Dot to Dot in the UK and Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

DIY is partner to Super Bock at Dot to Dot festival
DIY is partner to Super Bock at Dot to Dot festival

DIY is therefore delighted to further partner with the brand to support the launch of a new bespoke festival website and promote their involvement in these festival events as well as being media and content partner at its first 2023 festival Dot to Dot.

Live social posting for Super Bock from Dot to Dot festival

DIY Magazine teams work with the Super Bock team on the ground to create unique content that captures the brand’s presence at the event but also ensuring footage of the artists (recommended by DIY) and capturing the atmosphere and character of the festival itself. A genuine three way partnership where everyone wins.

The content, primarily for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube shorts is shared across DIY, Brand, Festival and artists channels post event with a full review in DIY physical and digital editorial channels.

Social media content as part of the Super Bock at Dot to Dot festival partnership

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