‘Do it yourself’ education

BIMM, Help Musicians, ACM, Marshall and PPL teamed up to reach the next generation of music professionals with DIY for the ‘Do it yourself’ education launch event and magazine in London in June 2018. It was then rolled out to Leeds, Birmingham and Brighton.

Panel Speakers included Joe Elkins (Bestival), Izzy B (Black Honey), Tim Hampson (Cannibal Management), Aiden Culley (Help Musicians), Sarah Gates (IE Music), Elizabeth Sills (PRS Foundation) and Morad Khokar & Felix White (YALA! Records).

Panel Topics included:

BUILDING THE FOUNDATIONS: When and how is the best time to bring together your team? What are the first moves you should make?

HELPING HANDS: Getting to know your support network: a glimpse into those in the music industry offering help in times of need.

SELLING YOURSELF: The art of building your personal brand and getting your name out there.

SIGNING THE DEAL: How are record labels forced to operate in this day and age, and is it really easier than ever to do it yourselves?

ON THE ROAD: How important has the live sector become for the music industry?

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